This is a contest winning costume all hand built by myself and is an obscure character from a movie not many people know of. As soon as I saw this character, I knew I had to build it.

Starting with the head, I gathered scraps of surfboard foam and bonded them together to build a block big enough to cover my head.  Once the block was made, I hollowed out the inside for fitment. Once that was acquired, I layered two coats of carbon fiber and one uniform coat of 4 oz fiber glass for final smoothing. Once the underlined structure was set I proceeded with the construction of the lower jaw and hinging effect.

After the jaw was fastened, I proceeded to carry the head into his final shape, paying close attention to the detailed areas such as eye sockets, nose cavity, brows, rear lower mandible, chin and jawline.

After all the shaping was done, it was hard coated with matte bone lite finished and high waistcoat over teeth, including the close detail to the front K9 split tooth. After all shapes were done on the head, I moved on to the mouth and carved each individual tooth, one at a time. When finished with teeth, I proceeded with the eyes and made the housings, lenses, vessels, wiring, even to the carved hand grenade and lower left cranium. All wiring, lighting and spacing between LED and base of lens were crucial for lighting effects.

Finishing of the head, natural quills were taken from trees, assorted feathers to complete the head dress.  Miscellaneous bits of armor around right eye and lower left jaw for final completion of the head.

Hands/gloves basically were post-apocalyptic knights gloves made with scraps of wood, copper, aluminum, leather, rubber, chain mail, spring miscellaneous hardware, plenty of pennies used as washers, all hammer formed and constructed by hand.

The spine was constructed of hand cut leather links woven together with aluminium dowels and side plates connected by high polished spikes with energy tubes running through dowels emitting ultraviolet light via LED to fiber optic 100 strand cables inside clear PVC tubing “fish tank hose” to create a bioluminescent animated effect.