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Coolest Naughty Forest Nymph Costume 9

by Marijke Jensen
(London, UK)

Forest Nymph Costume

Forest Nymph Costume

This naughty forest nymph costume was made for the Elf Fantasy Fair in the Netherlands last April. First of all I have to admit, I bought the corset, but only because I didn't have a pattern to make one. The idea came with the skirt.

It was an old wedding dress that I used as a Halloween costume. So I cut off the top, painted the skirt green (synthetic so had to use water based paint), then added the leaves. Each leaf was ironed onto fusible interfacing and cut by hand. That alone took a few months. Then I sewed them all onto the skirt, partially by machine and the rest by hand. I added green netting just in case the dress had to be lifted.

Sadly you cant really see the cloak but I also made this out of brown/orange organza with a green shine. The sleeves were lined with dark green fleece (very warm!) and the glovelets were made seperately. I then added fake leaves to the back of the cloak. I also used fleece around the next to fasten the cloak.

The handbag was also an existing handbag on which I glued a piece of orange/brown suede and green fleece and decorated this with leaves and little fabric flowers. The hair is sadly not all my own, I used a clip in with dreads in my own colour and added woolen dreads in various shades of green that I made myself.

The horns were cast by a friend out of gypsum type material and I painted these myself in matching colours. All in all this costume took my about 6 months to make.

Naughty Forest Nymph Costume

Naughty Forest Nymph Costume

Comments for Coolest Naughty Forest Nymph Costume 9

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by: Anonymous

That is so pretty. You did a great job and I bet that all that work was so worth it when it was done.

UM, WOW!!!
by: Denise/FL

That is really really pretty! You did a wonderful job on it and I especially love the hair falls!

Don't stop!
by: Anonymous

That's absolutely beautiful! I, too, make elemental nymph costumes every year that take months to create. What I have learned from my fire nymph and water nymph costumes is never to stop. As soon as you are done, you keep finding more materials to integrate - and they always make it better. I have yet to tackle the wood nymph - it seems the most expensive and involved - I mean, you can't just look like Adam's "Eve"! But I have a lot of pieces and ideas - Stones, moss, curly twigs, dried baby's breath flowers, copper colored floral wire, and bird feathers. I plan on designing a kind of carapace thing for the bodice. Anyway - I would love to see you continue enhancing your costume with some other materials like the ones I mentioned to give it an earthier feel.

by: Anonymous

All of the wok you put into this really shows! This is without a doubt the greatest Forest Fairy costume I have every seen, and that is saying something. I have made Fairy costumes for 20 years. Thanks for sharing the pic and creativity!

by: Andy Jackson

Your outfit is possibly the best I've ever seen and I've been doing live action role play since 1992! If you are ever free for the last full weekend in August, get in touch with me at I think you'd really enjoy role playing at The Gathering, run by the Lorien trust!

by: Anonymous

amazing , congratulations and thanks for sharing, you have been a great inspiration

by: Georgie

This is a terrific effort! The time you put into this and the creativity you have shown in designing and making this outfit definitely paid off. I LOVE it - it's a true work of art. I am looking forward to seeing your next design!

by: Anonymous

just amazing...

great costume
by: laura-jane

What a fantastic costume you must of spent a lot of time and dedication to make this costume. Well done, you are truly talented.

Forest Nymph Costume is Amazing
by: Marjorie Denise Lovell

WOW! AWESOME! I also love your clown costume!

by: Anonymous


Awesome !
by: Anonymous

This is so great and inspirational so many nymph costumes
Looks so cheap and tack but this actually looks mythological and creative ! Good job !

beautiful but..
by: Anonymous word. contacts. if you're going to go all out from head to toe, get some contacts!! makes it look 100% better and more authentic that way! :) great job!

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Coolest Jailbird Prisoner and Guard Family Costume

by Amy
(Portland, Oregon, USA)

Jailbird Prisoner and Guard Family Costume

Jailbird Prisoner and Guard Family Costume

I love to make our Halloween costumes a family theme. One year I decided that I was to be a prison guard trying to keep track of my jailbirds.

So I got a police toy set from dollar tree and found a blue button-up shirt from a thrift store. I put on some tight black slacks and my high black boots... presto! a police officer. Oh and the cap said "NYPD" I got in 2001... :(

For my husband's prison costume I bought a white sweatshirt and white sweatpants. I cut the collar and bottom band out of the sweatshirt and cut it up the front. Then I laid the pieces on the driveway (on top of a drop cloth) and taped stripes on with masking tape. Then I used black spray paint to make the lines. When the paint was dry I removed the tape - and had nice clean white lines. I overlapped the front flaps of the shirt and sewed on black buttons. Then I used a permanent marker to write the prison numbers on the front.

For my son's costume I used the same painting process, but I had to make the top and bottom with a basic pajama pattern. I was surprised how well spray painting fabric worked, even after washing! Just make sure you cover the ground well or you'll have black lines for a very long time. :)

Comments for Coolest Jailbird Prisoner and Guard Family Costume

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Awesome & Easy
by: Anonymous

I just bought a pair of white scrubs from WalMart and spray painted away, it looks so good! I was afraid it might be stiff from the paint, but it was comfortable and so easy. I stenciled on a 6 digit number above the left pocket and stenciled Kings County onto the back! Super easy.

the jailbird costume
by: Melinda

Hey there,

I was looking at the picture above and was wondering, if you would want to sell the baby's jailbird costume you made? if so, please let me know!! thank you!'

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Coolest Balloon Lady Costume

by Laura D.
(Seattle, WA)

Homemade Balloon Lady Costume

Homemade Balloon Lady Costume

This was for villain day at my school. I didn’t just want to be any normal villain, so I came up with my own. I love working with balloons, so I became Balloon Lady.

You can see the frame if you look closely in the picture. Basically, the frame is cardboard and in made of loops that get progressively larger towards the bottom and vertical reinforcement strips.

To attach the balloons, I just used a lot of boxing tape loops and it seemed to stick pretty well.

The hair: To make my hair do that I put a balloon in the center of my head and brought my hair up all around it so that you couldn’t tell that there was a balloon inside (especially after spray painting my hair).

My villain was of course Mr. Pin Head, a figure I made of Styrofoam and wire.

Everyone laughed at my costume and I had a great time with Mr. Pin Head.

Comments for Coolest Balloon Lady Costume

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by: Anonymous

hi I'm anonymous I'm a girl of 11. I go to Lonegrove Intermediate in Oklahoma. I was just fooling around and saw the name 'balloon lady' thought I would check it out. Next thing I know I see a lady wrapped in balloons from head to toe. I started to read the stuff you wrote and thought what a great villin! you really WEIRD in the costume but really good for a villin! bye, keep inventing neat costumes! god luck!

great costume!
by: Anonymous

Really great costume! So creative keep up the good work!

by: becca

hahaha.. LOVE IT . i was wondering what was so villainous about Balloon Lady and the Mr. pin head finished it all up ! great creation

by: Anonymous

wow, i just love it. your are really clever

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