Well one thing I have to say is, ” It’s a a good thing I live in a 55 and over community, and the costume party was all adults, because this couple in bed illusion costume is a little raunchy.” I started off with a long  piece of Styrofoam and a sheet. I actually made a man’s body out of  stuffing a body suit with batting and also stuffing two pair of stockings  and attaching slippers on the feet.

I duct taped a head I bought in a party store, to the top of the guy, and also sewed the stuffed legs I made, to the bottom, I put my husbands bathrobe on him. Then I wrapped the women’s legs around him and put the whole man made man,  in front of me,  or should I say woman made man, after I wrapped myself in the sheet with the Styrofoam behind me . I wore a strapless bathing suit, so it looked like I was naked.  I put a wig on so nobody would  recognize me, I put a label on a large medicine bottle that said, VIAGRA,   and stuck it on the side of the guy. I even bought a hand and put it under  the pillow a made behind me. It was an embarrassing costume for some people, but I got a lot of laughs and attention, everyone wanted a picture if me, or should I say us.  Needless to say I won the contest!