I come from an era when we just didn’t go to the store and buy a Halloween costume. Or maybe it’s that I lived too far out in the country to go to town (30 miles or more) to buy a costume? But, my mother always said, “if you want to dress up for Halloween, you have to make your own costume”. So, over the years, I have come up with several home made costumes. This is a last minute costume that anyone can do. A pair of pajamas, night gown or a robe, a pair of slippers. Sick supplies like tissues, thermometer and a blankie—VICKS?. All I did was tease my hair to make it look like I spent all day in bed. I used makeup to put dark circles under my eyes, and red lipstick under and around my nose, oh yes and a little red around the eyes. Of course you have to play the part for pictures and all, some moaning and groaning and telling people how awful you feel helps. This last minute costume got me lots of laughs, 1st prize, and it was so easy and so comfortable!