I came up with this costume idea on my own; I’m a dead insane asylum escapee. My costumes story is I was put into an insane asylum because my entire family thought I was crazy, just because I was different than them. After a while of being locked away in a room, I began to become crazy, and I couldn’t stand being alone anymore. I then found my way out of the asylum and stole one of the employee cars. It started raining as soon as I pulled out of the parking lot. I became paranoid that someone was following me and went full speed down the freeway. I noticed a large puddle in front of my on the freeway, and tried to avoid it. I swerved out of control and wrecked the car on the side of the road. I was dead.

To make the completed costume, I needed to have clothes that one would possibly have in an insane asylum, and also showed that I was in a brutal wreck. I first put a layer of dirt on top of the clothes to make it look old and dirty. Then, I smudged fake blood all over the shirt on shorts to show that I was badly hurt. I then put another layer of dirt over the fake blood, so it would be a darker color, and more realistic. Lastly, I cut up the clothes to make it more obvious that I was in a car wreck. I decided to leave the costume without shoes, to really show where I came from before the car wreck.

For the makeup, I first started by making the bags under my left eye more obvious, to show I was tired, and to emphasize that I had many sleepless night in the insane asylum. For the right eye, I added some black eyeshadow to show the skin around my eye was torn. Next, I wanted to have skin peeling off of my face and other major wounds, so I put a couple layers of non-toxic school glue on my hand and arm. After the glue dried, I peeled it off my arm, and I had my fake skin! I then added fake skin around my “torn” eye, my neck, and my arm. I added fake blood underneath the fake skin to make it more obvious of what happened. I added some random blood spots to my arms, legs and face, and also some bruises in a few places with some red and purple eyeshadow. I teased my hair to make it seem messy, and I was done!