I have been experimenting with different Halloween makeup ideas for a while now, and when it came time to chose a Halloween costume, I was torn between going as a Zombie or the Corpse Bride… enter Zombie Bride costume!

The makeup is done by using white cream makeup as the base, and then the rest is completed using regular every day makeup (eyeshadow, eyeliners, etc.).

I purchased the dress and veil from the Goodwill store for $15 and, by using red fabric paint, I smeared “blood” all over it and bloody hand prints.  I spray painted it with gray and black paint to make it look dirty.  I found some fake flowers at the Dollar store and painted them as well.  The gloves were leftover from my sister’s graduation and I covered them in red fabric paint to simulate blood.  I did my hair as if I were going out, and then I messed it up and teased it like crazy, and then sprayed it with white and blue hairspray to simulate the dirty, messy zombie hair you often see in movies.  I also wore white contacts which definitely freaked a few people out when I walked by them.

This costume was extremely fun to create.  I have pictures but I also have a video tutorial on how to create the makeup.