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Coolest Homemade Lego Minifigures Group Costume 18

by TJ Hahn
(Gettysburg, PA, USA)

Homemade Lego Minifigures Group Costume

Homemade Lego Minifigures Group Costume

Inspired by a cool Lego Chef minifigure found in a local store, a grand Halloween group costume idea was born.

These five Lego Minifigures costumes were created in about 40-50 hours of work using little more than foam, cardboard and poster board. First, detailed measurements were created using a purchased Lego minifigure. Once the measurements were scaled up proportionately, it was time to start carving foam. A 2.5 inch foam board was used to create the top and bottom of the Lego heads, covered with poster board and then painted to a matched color.

Foam legs and mid-section were cut out, faced/backed with cardboard and then coated with colored poster board to achieve the smooth, glossy effect. The bodies were made out of a larger size cardboard box cut to shape and again coated with poster board. Hands were carved out of foam stacked 2" thick and attached to a section of a cardboard shipping roll and also painted to color.

Lego Group Costume

Lego Group Costume

Lego Group Costume

Lego Group Costume

Each person chose their favorite Lego outfit and started drawing and painting the main body. Technology was put to use with the faces (there was also a Lego Logo, not pictured, on the back of the bodies). A 1/8 inch thick foam was cut using a laser cutter to achieve the crisp edges.

Lego Group Costume

Each minifigure had to feature an open mouth, to look out of which we covered with screen. Overall, this Homemade Lego Minifigures Group Costume was not very complicated and could easily be recreated to feature additional characters for future years of parties!

Lego Group Costume

Lego Group Costume

Lego Group Costume

Comments for Coolest Homemade Lego Minifigures Group Costume 18

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by: Anonymous

Wow! Amazing costumes, best I've seen yet!

by: Michelle

The costumes look so much like the real thing. I can not believe they are home made. It looks like you all did a wonderful job! Congrats on a great job! Will you make them for other people to buy????

by: Betsy

These are the the coolest costumes I've ever seen anywhere! You guys did an amazing job.

Owner Comment
by: TJ Hahn

Thanks for the great comments! We take a lot of pride in our creations this year! I would be honored to create one of these costumes for someone pending the right conditions (time and materials). Additional photos can be found here...

TJ Hahn

Great Minifigs!
by: Anonymous

Looks like the real thing! Maybe you could make a mailman next year. Keep up the good work!

Well done!!
by: Julia (New Zealand)

These are AMAZING! You did a GREAT job! Congrats on your win!

by: Allison

These are FANTASTIC.........

Great costumes
by: Mateo

Great costumes! One question though: how did you manage to open doors?

by: DrZeuss

love em!

by: Anonymous

Thats pwns majorly

by: Becca

These are great!! You guys did a wonderful job! Great imagination!

by: Anonymous

good job. legos are probably the biggest reason i am who i am. i don't know if that is good or bad, but the influence they had on me is undeniable.

Great work guys!!
by: Yvonne

Those costumes are so neat. I can tell you all work very hard to achieve the perfect lego man.

Opening doors
by: Anonymous

They were lucky enough to have someone with them that held the doors for them and to hold their drinks. The costumes generated a lot of attention and you can see why...lots of hard work that they should be proud of!

by: Anonymous

don't your feet get stuck on the bases though?

by: Darci

You should think about entering this next yeargis
on Live with Regis and Kelly!!! They have great
prizes on there!!! Congrats!!!

by: M@

Imitation would be the best form of flattery... Please upload directions and measurements!!!!

by: Scott

I can't put into words how much you've inspired me for next year. I usually stick to the "creepy" costumes, but these...brilliant.

by: katekatebear

These costumes were SO AWESOME! I saw them at Power Plant Live in Baltimore (where those photos are from) and they blew everyone else out of the water! So cool to see how they were made!

Amazing and Clever!
by: Anonymous

Wow! Awesome, fun , different, and fairly easy to do! I am so impressed! Great work guys!

Very Well done
by: Anonymous

very creative, I really like the simplicity of your overall method to make the costumes. It looks like it cost about as much as a decent made costume. original idea. And because of the almost endless possibilities you will have some interesting designs ahead. look forward to it. great work. 5 out of 5

by: Coolsy

They look so professional, they're awesome!

I love it
by: Anonymous

Simply AWE-some!

LEGO Power
by: Johnathan Vrozos

Johnathan Vrozos is truly impressed by the ingenuity of these 4 guys.
They took a childhood passion and created a business.
Well done guys!!!
I will definitely show my 8 year old to motivate him. He loves LEGO.

lego's are kewl
by: breezyautumn

These are the the coolest costumes I've ever seen anywhere! You guys did an amazing job. My young boys were very impressed also.

by: Anonymous

This is the best costume ever! I might just copy that idea!

would you sell a pattern?
by: Aaron

Would you consider selling the pattern (measurements, templates, etc)? I would love to make this at home, but would be happy to pay so I wouldn't have to use CAD to get started. :)

my opinion
by: Anonymous

That is so cool and kind of weird. It's awesome!

by: Anonymous

i seen many funny things here

by: sndnov

great! thumbs up!

by: Anonymous

I love this!

thats nuts!!!!
by: Anonymous

that's crazy! suggestion: a familiar Lego accessory like a brick?

Great Costumes
by: Lingerie2Order

I wish I could make homemade costumes like this. All I can manage at home is a mishaped face mask of sorts and as for the body no way!

by: Rich Fisher

Well done!

Go LEGO!!!
by: Anonymous

Really did the best!

by: Anonymous

I loved the costumes. They were so LEGOTASTIC.

by: Anonymous

How tremendously jolly.

yep, they're cool
by: Anonymous

First time I've ever posted a comment! Must be something special.

Lego Figures ROCK
by: da Oddist

Lego Scarface?! WOW!! !! Great costumes, all!!!

by: Anonymous

we love it!

by: Matjaz

Hey! Totally great costumes! Is there any possibility to get more pictures of the making of? I know you have the copyright of it and I doubt it's gonna be that good, but if you can, please send me some pics and additional instructions to

thanks in advance!

by: Anonymous

wow, super cool :D

Lego men
by: xtina

I don't know if you guys are still reading the comments but I am currently making the Lego chef costume. Wow what a lot of work! Who knew Lego men didn't have butts?

Truly Amazing
by: Anonymous

I am blown away by these costumes. You guys did a great job!!! I love Legos and I think this will be my costume this year. Hope it turns out just as great!

by: Anonymous

Amazing costumes!! How do you make the hats though?

I remember these
by: Anon

Didn't you guys win the Powerplant Live Halloween costume contest in Baltimore 2009?

We made lego too
by: LegoMan

We also made Lego too!

Here is our video on how we made our own human size Lego models :)

Hard work, was stressful in the end...

by: Ngoc

where can you buy foam like this? I've tried a few craft stores&home depot and Walmart but I have no idea where to get foam.

better than Legoland
by: Anonymous

these are better than the costume I had to wear when I worked at Legoland as a costume character. Great Job!

by: Anonymous

WOW!!!! thats AMAZING!!!


What type of tool did you use to mold the foam?

Did you use plaster of Paris or something to seal it up to paint the foam sections?

by: Anonymous

Wow!, my little brother loves legos!. He freaked out when he saw this!

by: Anonymous

I've been scanning the internet for a "how-to" on a minifig costume and this is, by far, THE best I have seen. I can't tell you how much I would appreciate a pattern or measurements. A list of specific materials and sources would be excellent.

My 8 year old son would love to look just like you guys did this coming Halloween!

by: Erin

Well I'm a big fan of Lego and THAT is a really good costume!

by: Tara

My son really wants to be a Lego character this Halloween. Any chance I could get more detailed instructions? Thanks in advance.

by: Sharon

My son wants to be a Lego minifigure really bad this year. Any chance of getting more details...PLEASE

by: Nita

Best versions I've ever seen. I truly appreciate the step-by-step pictures. Now my 7 year old wants me to somehow figure out how to scale these down for him. Wish me luck!

unbelieveable !!!!
by: Anonymous

WOW, you should sell them I know I would buy one or more for my six yr old. do you give step by step direction on how to build them?

by: Anonymous

You guys truly out did yourselves! Talk about setting the bar high! But then you shared it too with the rest of us - Thank you so much! I would also love to get more step by step information or measurements. My 9 year old still has his mouth hanging open! I would be very grateful - Thank you Susie at: susieq_03[at]hotmail

by: Anonymous

These costumes were AWESOME! You guys did an amazing job!!! GOOD JOB!!!!!

Major bonus points
by: Anonymous

I'm going for it I too would love more details and am willing to pay. My boyfriend's son is a huge Lego fan and I'm sure to gain bonus points if I show up in this costume and more points if I can build him one. Maybe I'll get him to help build his, he's very creative for a 7 year old.

by: Terri

These are incredible! Great job, guys!!

What an amazing idea
by: Hopefloats

How did you guys sit down in these costumes?

Thanks for the idea!
by: Erin

After seeing these amazing costumes, I used your example and made them for my two kids. They came out very similar to yours. Took forever, but I had a great time doing it. After much duct tape, glue sticks, poster board, spray paint & Styrofoam later I have the coolest costumes ever. Thank you so much for your awesome pics and directions. I can't wait for Halloween now, I'm sure my kids will be a huge hit!

by: Joe Blow

amazing, amazing,amazing. just few questions: how were the legging kept on? were there holes in the bottom of the leggings? the middle section , how is it kept on, is it a snug fit? where did u get the Styrofoam at? and how hard was it to go to the restroom with costume on?? :) great job

costume heros
by: Anonymous

You guys are my heros!!! Homemade costuming at its best!! :D

Kids need these lego costumes!
by: Anonymous

These need to be made for kids!@ I am having a Lego based birthday party - just before Halloween - how awesome would that be to have the kids be able to dress up in these!

Could you help me ????
by: Andres

hey guys ,,, your idea,, was wonderful!!
this Halloween i wanna made this costume ... could you help me ...!
explain me .... how did you made it ???


thxx., for your collaboration !

by: R

Those are some unreal costumes!

There is no spoon.
by: Neo

this costume is Epic!

by: Anonymous

These are amazing!! Great job! How did you figure out the exact color of yellow and how did you paint the foam? Also, what type of foam did you use?

Way cool!
by: Donna J

Absolutely Awesome. All of the hard work paid off!

by: Anonymous

How much did it cost to make all this?

by: Candice

These costumes are so awesome! My son wanted to be a Lego man this year, but I just thought that it would be too challenging a task because I had 4 homemade costumes to make this year, so we opted for a simpler Perry the Platypus! Now that I see how to make a Lego man, we know what we'll be next year! I can't get over how realistic and detailed the costumes are. Truly artistic and creative! As a person who really gets into making homemade costumes and undergoing challenging tasks, I can really appreciate the uniqueness and difficulty of this complex costume. All that work is so worth it! Keep it up! Can't wait to see your other masterpieces!

by: Gabriel

that is the best Lego costume i have ever seen in my life.

by: Declan Healy

Hey guys class costumes and i have to thank you i decided i was gonna go as a Legoman this year so searched online and found your pics here so i got to work and got top prize.. I won 2,500 so was well worth the effort... if ya wanna see it click here.

How much would you charge?
by: Matt

I would love to purchase one of these. Its Halloween 2010 today, and would like one for halloween 2011. Could you provide us with an email for contacting you guys? Thank you, Awesome work!

by: Anonymous

Those are incredible!!!!

by: Page

I also made this costume for this Halloween and won 1st place at two locations. It was over $500 total.

You can view my costume here:

everyone LOVED this! I can't thank you enough for this idea. It cost me around $100 and 50 hours to make it. If anyone is interested in buying it, let me know! Just post on the youtube video or email me via my youtube info. Thanks!!

you rock! LOVE IT!
by: marionut

wow ...........................................................WOW!..........................................WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WoW !...................I LOVE LEGO!

help to make it
by: lorenzo

hi I want to know the diameter of head please...

My Costume.
by: HyperXP

Wow, awesome!

This is my costume

fair play a whole group is so much more impressive. Did you get mobbed like I do when I wear it?

by: Axl


amazing costumes!
by: Miss Perez

just wanted to let all of you guys now that your costumes are so awesome!! if gave myself and my boyfriend the motivation to create our own costumes just by working off your models!!

there is a link!! they came out pretty good!! we won over $2000 for them!!!:)

how to ?
by: Anonymous

I would love making this for Halloween 2011, could you make a how to?

I want to buy costume
by: Fedor

my e-mail

awesome costumes
by: Anonymousk

Ive always loved legos and you guys really brought the enjoyment of playing with a lego to life!!!:) Keep up the good work you guys should do a how to on this project. REALLY COOL!!!:b

by: Melanie

These costumes are amazing> you are ALL very talented. Did you market them yet? Where can i purchase one?

This r really creative piece of art costumes
by: Monik

i really like doing homemade costumes and you gave me the best idea , so this hallowen mi 4 year old will look like one of your legos. MUCHAS GRACIAS CHICOS EXCELLENTE TRABAJO.

Take a leak??
by: Anonymous

How did you manage toilet duties?? :) awesome costumes!

Dallas purchase
by: Teej

i sent an email to, i really would like to buy one of these. im 6ft and 180, hope to hear back from you!!!

by: Anonymous

thats awesome, can I buy it?

How did you use the bathroom?
by: Anonymous

How did you use the bathroom?

by: Mamamax

I LOVE it! But logistically speaking, I think my 6-year old son would struggle at school for the day! I've made him a Lego Sensei Wu costume that's a bit simpler...

Trying to make a girl one!
by: Anonymous

how did u make the hair for the gangster?

by: Anonymous


Saw them at Power Plant Live in Baltimore
by: Anonymous

We saw them in the contest in Baltimore before at Power Plant Live, it was hilarious. They were so great!

by: Anonymous

Thanks for the inspiration!


So my lil guy tells me he wants to be Ninjago Lego "Kai". I think "OMG - how am I gonna pull this one off?" My job as his mom is to make him the cutest and best Lego ever. Thanks to your awesome photos and details I was able to do just that. He was SOOO EXCITED! We got many compliments. Your own costumes turned out great - I was so impressed! All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you! Have a great holiday season! :0)

by: Anonymous

Hi there,

Do you have any measurements that you could offer on the heads at all or anything else in the costume?



by: Anonymous


so glad i found you
by: mary

My family and I went to Legoland just last weekend and my son tells me that he wants to be a minifig for Halloween this year. I usually make his costumes, but never anything like this before. I wasn't sure how I was going pull this off. Luckily I found you!! Great costumes!! Thank you for sharing your ideas. Not sure how to get it scaled appropriately, but hoping to figure it out, got some time yet..

AMAZING creativity
by: Hebrews 11:1

AMAZING creativity; I have a son that is ALWAYS a police officer each year for Halloween. I can't wait to show him this.

by: Anonymous

Awesome job!! and what a great idea!!!

The best
by: Yohann J

These are legit lego costumes. Well done Gentlemen.

by: Anonymous

I am thinking of making a lego club max one for my last halloween trick-or-treating expedition!!!!

by: Gina in NY

I am a mom of 2 Lego crazed boys. Would you be willing to share the scaled dementions and exact instructions or even make 2 and sell them??
Please let me know

by: Anonymous

would you be willing to make a set of hands and legs and cop body for a seven year old? Thanks

by: Anonymous

So I just finished my heads and am sharing the dimensions. The scale is 1/16" = 2.75" so when you add faces or legs or whatever--that's the scale I used. The next piece is a 11" (diameter) circle with a 9" hole in the middle for the head. The head base is 16.5" across and has another 9" hole in it for the head to fit through. The head top is just a 16.5" (diameter) circle and the top nob is an 8.25" circle. The top nob can be used from the left overs of the circles cut out for the head. The entire head with neck and nob--to scale should stand 22" tall. I used a 4'x8' sheet of Styrofoam and was able to get 4 heads out of it. I followed the directions as above for the rest. I did realize from their pictures that they either used butcher paper in color or contact paper to cover the boxes and get those really crisp lines. We made 7 so our entire family could go as Legos. Lots of fun and lots of work. Good luck!

Would like to buy one off you
by: Justin Raffard

Hi I was wondering if you would build me a costume and I would gladly pay you for it, email me at

Trying to make it myself
by: Anonymous

Is there any way to contact these guys dirrectly?

by: Anonymous

wow, amazing...are these costumes for sale?lol

by: Anonymous

awesome stuff. spice it up a bit more and make lego "village people" or the "A-team" or "spice girls", ...

documenting my build this year
by: Edward

Alright - very inspired by this. I figured I'd give it a go.

Wanted to do
by: Lani

My Husband and I have been wanting to do this for a few years now and these are the best ones we have ever seen. I am going to try it this year and see how it turns out!!

Amazing but I have a question...
by: Dawn R

These costumes are amazing!! Love them. But, can you PLEASE tell me how you did the legs and how they stayed on? I'm trying to make a lego minifig costume for my 9 year old son. Thanks so much!!! :)

So cool!
by: krispee

Amazing! Would love to make one for myself to entertain my daughter, niece, and nephew. Supplies needed? Where can this type of foam be purchased?

by: Anonymous


by: Tara

Is the headwear also made of foam?

Awesome Job
by: Diane

These are truly awesome. How did you make the hairpiece?

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