We go to an outdoor adult Halloween party every year, so dressing warmly is always at the base of our costume ideas.  We’ve won the costume contest at the party several times, so we always feel the pressure to create some amazing oufits!  Since our 8-year old son is addicted to LEGOs, it was an easy choice for us to create these costumes!  I worked on our bodies: cutting out pieces of cardboard, taping them together to form a trapezoid, and then covering them with poster board and paint to create that “shiny LEGO look”.  The police oufit especially took a LONG time to paint!  The prisoner stripes are duct tape, and our LEGO logos on the back were printed out on cardstock and glued onto our backs.  My husband and I created the heads out of cut-down buckets, with pieces of PVC glued on and sanded down to give us the curved edges.  We cut out the eyes and glued 8 layers of black tulle inside, so we could see through.  I hand-painted the faces.  Our LEGO hands are pieces of PVC plumbing pipe cut and glued together, then painted.  There are small handles inside each hand for us to grip, and we each wore long-sleeve shirts to cover our hands gripping the LEGO hands.

The best part was seeing our son’s face when we finished our oufits and tried them on.  His mouth dropped open and he just stared at us.  We put the costumes on our son and daughter and they LOVED them!  In fact, they’re begging us to let them wear them next year for their school Halloween parties!  They great thing about these costumes is we can simply “create” new clothing or faces for the LEGO people (perhaps to make them a bit more appropriate for school, since having a gold-toothed convict might not go over so well with the school staff!).

When we showed up at the party, people went WILD!  Nobody could guess who we were.  Everybody was asking us where we had purchased our costumes, and were astounded to hear we had made them out of cardboard, glue, paint and PVC!  There was even a guy at the party who creates professional-grade costumes, and we told us our costumes were some of the best he’s ever seen.  We ended up winning the costume contest…AGAIN!  :)