This is a Homemade Ballerina in a Jewelry Box Costume that I had made. My daughter loves jewelry boxes and of course loves dressing up as a pretty ballerina so this costume was a perfect fit for her! I made it from a moving box that my sister gave me and an old pink fleece blanket I had. It took lots of hot glue and duck tape (2 of my best friends).

With lots of dedication, hard work and creativity came this beautiful costume. The total costume cost me a whopping $1.50 to make! Beat that you store bought costumes! My daughter could either walk around with it with the straps on or stand it in so it was multi-purpose. It even played the ballerina song just like a real jewelry box does.

I put finishing touches of gold jewels to look like jewelry coming out of the drawers. She was such a cute little ballerina in a big jewelry box!