Coolest Dancer in a Jewelry Box Costume

This is my daughter Belle. She is 4 years old. She loves to dance and loves jewelry so what a great combination

Cardboard boxes, felt, plastic jewelry, knobs, elastic, silver cake board, glue gun 1 cute little dancer with big cheesy smile.


Cut out box and add tall piece for the back. Cover your box with felt. Place silver cake board on the back tall piece for the mirrors, Add in Elastic straps. Cut out felt daisy’s or any other flower you want to use. Decorate with felt daisies. I had them all on the back and sides of the jewelry box also.

Put smaller felt covered boxes on the front for drawers with glue. Add wood knobs or any other type of knobs you may have around. Glue on plastic jewelry. I found the best source for this was my local Dollar store. The glue gun and glue is your best friend on this costume.

Wear your favorite dance outfit and tights. You can change the color of felt to match your outfit.