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Coolest Jewelry Box Ballerina Costume

My daughter wanted to be a ballerina for Halloween but not just any ballerina, she wanted to be one of those ballerina’s in the jewelry boxes.

We used a platform push cart for her Jewelry Box Ballerina Costume that we use for a lot of our girls costumes. It helps keep them contained when out trick or treating. We started with an old trunk we had in the basement and painted it white with pink trim. I covered the inside with white cotton fabric.

We used a small mirror for the lid and Styrofoam balls to build an oversized pair of earrings and a pearl necklace. I used ballerina material to make the skirt around the platform. My daughter used her pink dance leotard and I bought an inexpensive tutu. She had a crown she had won to wear in her hair.

My husband connected speakers under the platform and a tape player inside the trunk. The music that played was music box dancer. The whole thing cost us less then $50. She made quite the impression everywhere we went.

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