These are our Anubis and Isis costumes for 2012. Everything here was hand made, sculpted, riveted, and painted except the full body black suit and the wings.

Create a template of paper using thick card stock. Transfer the pattern to matte board. Assemble with Elmer’s Max glue (NOT regular Elmer’s). Mount the carboard mask onto a Worth sports face mask. Light Styrofoam is carved to round out the features.

Lightweight Hobby Purry is used to smooth out the features. Alternating layers of black gloss and clear spray paint are used to build a smooth finish. Gold areas masked off and sprayed with Gold metallic paint. 200 yards (yes, 600 feet) of 1/8″ rattail went into the “hair” in 20″ and 14″ lengths.

Words don’t do this justice!