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Coolest Trick ‘r Treat Sam Costume

This is a Trick ‘r Treat Sam Costume I made for Halloween last year. Sam, from my favorite Halloween movie: Trick ‘r Treat. I made the body of the costume using a pajama pattern and a big chunk of orange fleece. On the back of the costume is a “trap door” pocket with two buttons that I used to store my lollipop when not in use. (I ended up forgetting the lollipop was in my pocket at one point, sat down and broke the stick).

I wanted to wear my costume outside, so rather than making feet on my pajamas, I made shoe covers with elastics around the bottom to hold them to my shoes. After unsuccessfully trying to sew gloves out of burlap, I gave up and made them out of a dark brown fabric, then glued the burlap around those gloves. I think it gave it a better overall look anyway.

I wanted the head to be light enough to wear all night, so I sewed together some pieces of foam I got from the fabric store into a beach ball shape, with an opening for my face. I then sewed up the burlap for the head and hand-stitched the decorative stitching with wool. The buttons are sewn on as well, with a burlap cross glued to each one. I had to take out some of the threads in the burlap so I could see through the mask.

The lollipop is made out of orange Fimo clay and a stick that I painted from the craft store. I colored on the face with a sharpie and melted red candle wax over the finished product for the “blood”. Then I topped it off with a burlap trick or treat bag.

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