Coolest Sam from Trick ‘r Treat Costume

This Homemade Sam from Trick ‘r Treat Costume was handmade by making a paper mache head, once dried cutting the balloon to look like a space helmet and covering it with burlap and rope. The eyes are large buttons that I painted with black spray paint, string for the mouth, sewing a sleeper with orange fleece fabric and making getting some gloves and cutting the finger area off and hot gluing burlap over the glove and and rope.

The sucker was made with a butter container as a drilled a hole towards the bottom and inserted a long dowel stick, melted about 20 small glue sticks in a pan and poured it into the container, let it dry and painted it orange and used a black sharpie to draw a face on the sucker and black tape to decorate the dowel part once painted and cut the lollipop with a knife.

The costume was topped off with a burlap sake and fake blood poured on it.

Homemade Sam from Trick 'r Treat Costume