Coolest Boo Costume

Homemade Boo Costume

This Boo Costume was made from a child size sleeping bag, purple material, drawer liner, pipe cleaners and two large plastic salad bowls and for the eyes large balls. This costume was made for the grand-baby who loves the movie Monsters Inc. and wanted to be Boo. The sleeping bag was cut to size and … Read more

Coolest Sam from Trick ‘r Treat Costume

Homemade Sam from Trick 'r Treat Costume

This Homemade Sam from Trick ‘r Treat Costume was handmade by making a paper mache head, once dried cutting the balloon to look like a space helmet and covering it with burlap and rope. The eyes are large buttons that I painted with black spray paint, string for the mouth, sewing a sleeper with orange … Read more