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Coolest Homemade ‘Sam’ from Trick r Treat Costume

For several years my husband has been wanting our youngest daughter, Elizabeth, to dress as Sam from the movie Trick r Treat. So, this year we made it happen.

The head was made by paper mâché, once dry I covered it with burlap. I then sewed on button eyes and used string hot glued for the mouth.

The orange pajamas were hand sewn by me.

The lollipop was made with clay.

Everyone loved her costume, even if they did not know who she was. The hardest part was getting the paper mâché head to not move, so we glued sponges on the inside for a comfy fit. I also cut a hole in the paper mâché so she could see out and breath. The burlap covered it, so people couldn’t see her. 

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