You will need paper mache and paper mache clay, recepies for this is avalible online. Start by using coat hangers for the frame and tape them to a hat. Then cover everything with silvertape to add stability and use paper towels for filling also reducing weight. Cover with paper mache and newspaper. I then used a sock to make the tounge. Fill it with paper towels and cover with paper mache and newspaper.  Roll small pieces of paper towel and dip them in the paper mache clay for the teeth. This is pretty timeconsuming work. Use paper mache to make details and stretchmarks.  Paint it with white acrylic and let it dry for a couple of hours before doing the real paintjob. To get skin color we used white with a little red to make pink and then add light brown until you get skincolor.  Attach the eyeballs on the tounge with paper mache clay and paint white. For the hair we used my girlfriends hair extrencions and colored them brown but I guess it will work fine with a brown wig. Glue the hair to the back of the mask and let it dry. For the second mask I cut paper towel rolls in two and taped them together. I used cereal boxes to make the jaw and paper mache clay with extra wall paper glue to make the details. The hand is a rubber glove also coverd with paper mache. Yoh have to set aside a few days for this because even though you can get the sculpting done pretty quick it is the drying that takes time. But you can use that time to find the clothes. We found ours at the second hand store really cheep.  It took alot longer than we thought but it was totally worth it. the costumes where a success att all the Halloween parties.