My roommates and I had the idea of creating our own piñata costumes this halloween. After making a trip to the fabric store, we returned home with a mountain of felt in a variety of colors (which we still have cluttering up our apartment even after our costumes were constructed). We tediously cut out each individual strip of felt and hand glued them to our costumes, while we were wearing them, I might add!

The funniest part of our costume was the surprise addition of two of our friends dressed as Mexicans: complete with ponchos, sombreros, holsters for tequila bottles/shots, and of course carrying sticks to whack their piñatas throughout the night. We were a funny crew as piñatas being chased down the street by their Mexican friends. Throughout the night they’d pretend to give us piñatas a smack so then we’d throw candy to the crowd! Needless to say we became a crowd favorite. Candy and tequila? What more could you want?!