Coolest Homemade Three Amigos Group Costume

I had the idea of dressing up my family in a Homemade Three Amigos Group Costume for YEARS. It just took the right party for me to decide to get every thing together!

I started out with 3 straw sombreros from the party supply store for around $4 each. Three cans of black spray paint later they were ready for the Three Amigos designs. I printed out pictures and had a co-worker sketch the designs on the hats with a white crayon. Then I went over her drawings with silver glitter fabric paint.

I ordered a black toddler suit for $10 on eBay for my 4 year old daughter. I went through my closet and found two black suit jackets and hit up goodwill for black pants. I then cropped all three jackets. Next up was going to town with silver glitter fabric paint. This took the longest because I was only able to paint one side of the pants per night.

Our red sashes and cumberbuns consist of 2 yards of red satin from the fabric store. I used heat bon for the hem and used safety pins to keep them attached. Our guns came from the toy department.

We had so much fun wearing these costumes. They were a hit at the party and we won the costume contest by a land slide!