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Creative Homemade Pinata Costume

This Pinata costume was a time consuming costume to make but it was worth all the fun I had wearing it. I used to have Pinatas at all my birthday parties.  I just love the colors they are made of and Pinatas always make people remember happy days!

To make the costume I just took an old cardboard box, cut some holes for my head and arms. I used a shoe box to make my head piece.  To keep the shoebox on my head I hot glued in a baseball cap into the inside of the shoebox.  That way the box stayed securely on my head.  I then took crepe paper and cut little slits along the edge.  At first I glued down the paper strips but then I changed over to scotch tape to get the paper strips all over the box, much faster and easier!  I also hot-glued candy all over my shirt.  Beware people might want to smack you around in hopes some candy falls out!!

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