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Coolest Piñata Couple Costume

The best piñata costume EVER! !Olé!

I decided to be a piñata for Halloween, but I still wanted to look kind of cute, so I didn’t want to cover myself in tissue paper from head to toe. I also wanted an excuse to randomly throw candy at people. After a bit of brainstorming, I came up with this Piñata Couple Costume idea!


* 1 Large Piñata
* 1 long stretchy tank top/large shirt
* 1 small bag (to hold candy)
* Candy!
* Multiple colors of crepe paper
* Glue Gun
* Thick Ribbon
* Face Paint
* Colored hair spray

Step 1:

Cut the piñata’s head off. I used a steak knife… it was kind of violent.

Step 2:

Punch two holes on each side of the head and thread the ribbon through the holes. The ribbon will tie under your chin, making the piñata head into a hat!

Step 3:

Cut the piñata in half, and discard the front legs.

Step 4:

Punch two holes on either side of the piñata booty and thread ribbon through the holes. The ribbon will tie around your waist like a belt. (I considered making the ribbons go over my shoulders like overalls instead of around my waist, but the waist worked just fine!)

Step 5:

Use hot glue to attach strips of crepe paper horizontally across your tank top. I only did the front because once the glue dries, the fabric won’t stretch! I put large paper bags in my tank top to keep myself from gluing both sides of it together.

Step 6:

Cut the crepe paper into fringe

Step 7:

Separate your hair into 2″ sections and spray them each a different color. Apply fun, colorful face paint

Step 8:

Fill your purse with candy!

Step 9:

Go to a party, throw candy at people, and enjoy having the best costume ever!

** note: my husband wore a poncho, sombrero, and mustache… this is a great couples costume!

Piñata Couple Costume - supplies

Piñata Couple Costume

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