Hey guys! Want to start the night with fake bruises and end it with real ones? Then this is the perfect costume for you. A BEATEN UP PINATA! Well now if you dont like the violence in this, you can also stick to the regular pinata, but the point is to add a fun little twist! Now,this costume was not complicated at all. What you basically need is to buy the under shirt/ dress or whatever you want your base to look like (for my case I used an oversized t-shirt)that looked like a dress. Then you have to buy diffrent color streamers. Make sure you have a scissor and then all you need is hot glue gun to put this bad boy together. The best part about being this costume were all the pick-up lines I got in refrence to the pinata (haha), such as “I’d hit that” “Lets see if you can take a beating” “What kind of candy is on the inside”.