Sexy Pinata Costume

I love this sexy Pinata costume and had a lot of fun making it! I got so many complements the whole night!

Here is what you need to create this Piñata Costume:
1. Buy a tightly fitted dress (I bought a dress slip cover) I bought mine at a small boutique but I believe they sell some similar at Forever 21.
2. Buy streams (colors are your choice).
a. OR you can buy colored felt (if you want this costume to last more than one night I would go with felt)
3. Hot glue gun, cardboard, scissors.

Here is how to make it:
1. Layout your dress with the cardboard tucked inside (so the hot glue doesn’t stick to the back side of your dress
a. Make sure the dress is pulled wide (a little wider than your body size so the pieces don’t create gaps)
2. Begin to measure how long of a piece you will need on your dress.
3. Start from bottom to top
4. Hot glue a line and then lay your streamer or felt over it.
5. Once on the dress, cut the streamer or felt into small sections to look like fringe.
6. Repeat 2-5 over again till you reach the top of the dress and then do it again on the back of the dress.
7. Once completed for the horns I just rolled paper into cone shapes and glued left over streamers on to it.
8. Then take the horns and hot glue them to an unused head band.

It does take a while to make so give your self a good 2 hours to complete this costume.

Again: if you want to just wear it one night and want a cheap homemade costume I would go with the streamers. If you want this to last to wear again, use felt!

To take this costume to another level my boyfriend decided he wanted to dress up like a Mexican, so I was his Piñata and he was my Mexican! I loved this idea and it just shows it can be a cute couple’s outfit as well!

I hope you enjoyed and have fun!

Sexy Pinata Costume

Sexy Pinata Costume

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