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Cool Baby Pinata Costume

I started on this costume super-early since my husband is in the military and he would be missing his 1st Halloween. We are a Mexican-American family and a piñata is a staple of a celebration. What other appropriate way to celebrate my son’s 1st Halloween than have him be a piñata? I saw a piñata and the rest is history.

We have received great reactions and he has won several costume contests (it’s not even Halloween yet). People have generally said, “I have never…, how creative, how cute, are you pushing a piñata? is that a baby? ” It’s been great and the people’s reactions have been priceless. My son is five months old and it was easy to make, but very time consuming to cut the felt. Overall, we had a blast and will be driving down to San Antonio for Halloween. We assume that we will get more great reactions.


I chose this piñata as an inspiration for my son’s costume. Although it’s not an exact replication, you get the hint. The colors were mostly placed off this doll.

Piñata head

I got a child’s foam firefighters hat at Hobby Lobby but it was made for an older child, so I cut the bottom off and the brim as well. I cut it in a “V” shape so I could hot glue it together. I used the smallest Styrofoam cones I could find and glued them on, then I layered the hat as well.

Piñata Head-details

I think the details is what really made the look and feel of this costume come to life. The cones, I covered in red felt (a color that is not used in the costume so it could “pop.” I also had no way of finding the perfect black circles for the eyes. I ended up getting a very small glass and turning it upside down on a paper plate and drawing an outline around the glass until it “cut” through the paper plate. I just purchased small googly-eyes from Hobby Lobby. The ribbon was a pre-packed set that came from Hobby Lobby, I just trimmed them in 1/4ths and separated for half and half, filled the top of the cone with hot glue and shoved the ribbon in the small openings I left from the felt. The nose was just mainly a cardboard box that I cut in 1/2 inch protrusion and covered it with cardboard and felt. I drew the nostrils on with permanent marker (black).

Piñata stick

I just got the paper towel roll and cut it and rolled it to as thin as possible. I layered the stick with matching felt from the costume. This was the easiest thing I did as well.

Piñata Onesie/body suit

I just used a regular zipper onesie a size up (6-9 months). I hot glued the layers on. I had to cut 1 inch strips and then go back and cut .5 inch vertical cuts. This was very time consuming process. Before hot glueing them on, I had to “stretch” the strips so it gave it that look of a real piñata.


As you can see, my son and husband, it was almost done but just needed the details. The other pictures is of us at parties. I was very happy with the final product. It was not that expensive to make, probably spent around 30 dollars by using the 40% off a regular item coupon at Hobby Lobby. I promised a lady that I would enter this costume here, I ran into her and she told me all about it. If I don’t win, I just had a great time doing it.

Cool Baby Pinata Costume

Cool Baby Pinata Costume

Cool Baby Pinata Costume

Cool Baby Pinata Costume

Cool Baby Pinata Costume

Cool Baby Pinata Costume

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  1. This is precious!!! My niece will be 4 months around Halloween, I’m going to convince my sister, it won’t be hard though! Excellent job Mom! Thank you for posting the step by step, and photos!


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