Cool Piñata Costume

With a birthday on Cinco de Mayo, I’ve always felt a shared kinship with the piñata. This year I took it to the next level! I love Halloween so what better way to celebrate my fiesta friendship than with an ode to the traditional Mexican creation.

The Homemade Pinata Costume was fairly basic in construction, but incredibly detail oriented. It required an embarrassing number of hours sitting at the sewing machine adding strips of basic color block fabric to a hoodie/ sweatpants combo. I made sure to keep the hoodie pocket open considering this costume had to be a functional candy dispenser!

Phone wire and duct tape helped to form the head which I sewed on to the hood as well. The best part was finishing the strips and cutting them into that fun, paper-y look that we all know and love. It was warm and lightweight- a total success. My “hombre” boyfriend helped to complete the statement.

Word of warning- people are going to ask if they can beat you all night. Kind of got old after awhile, but the general reception on NYC streets was positive and fun! Buena suerte and Happy Halloween!

Homemade Pinata Costume

Homemade Pinata Costume

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