Colorful Homemade Donkey Piñata Costume

I started by cutting the tissue paper that I bought from the Dollar store into strips then cutting vertical so that the paper can blow in the wind like a real piñata. Then I used blue scotch tape to stick each strip of paper on my old sweats and sweater.

About 6 hours later I was finally done covering every part of my clothes with the colorful tissue. Then I created the 3D mouth and nose out of cardboard, covered it with construction paper and drew a funny mouth with sharpie. After that I used some old bunny ears from Easter and covered them with tissue paper then I duck taped them to the hood of my sweater.

Finally I carefully put on my sweater and sweats and put my cardboard face on and I was ready to roam the streets as a giant walking piñata. Little kids and their parents would get excited and scream out “Look a piñata! Go hit it to see if candy comes out.” and the whole night random people took pictures of me.

The funniest thing that happened that night was when a man ran out of his house with a broom stick and started hitting me (softly) and screaming “Gimme your candy!”. My piñata costume was fun to make and also fun to walk around in and the best part was that it only cost $5 dollars to make.

Making the little one's happy.