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Inexpensive Raging Bull Pinata Costume

I was in need of a costume but I had very little money. I did however have a lot of time on my hands. So I went to a dollar store to get inspired! As I explored the aisles, I spotted a colorful bull piñata and I thought to myself, “Why not make it my costume!”

The purchased items were: tissue paper ($1) and glue sticks ($5). The other materials I found at home. I used cardboard paper to shape the horns and head. I found a metal hoop for the nose piercing. Lastly, I hot glued tissue paper onto an old shirt and jeans.

When I begin any project I start with the most difficult part. In this case it was the bull head. It was difficult because it involved a lot of geometry. I wasn’t good at geometry, so if I can do it, you can too.

Creating the head requires a lot of trial and error. Start by drawing the cardboard shapes for your desired animal head. Make sure to take your actual head measurements into account. Use a hot glue gun to connect your shapes together. When you have your cardboard head completed, its time to bedazzle it. Cover the head with colorful strands of tissue paper. Lastly, add eyes, ears, horns, or even a nose ring.

Next is the body. Pre-cut a bunch of tissue paper. This will make the process a lot quicker. When you think you have enough paper, use string to hang your pants and shirt onto something. It will be easier to glue the tissue paper this way. Hot glue the strands starting from the bottom and move your way up. After many hours of hard work, you will have your completed human piñata!

People though my costume was striking and fun. They also requested candy from me! It took me about week to make. It was both fun and exhausting. Let’s just say I won’t be cutting tissue paper anytime soon.

Inexpensive Raging Bull Pinata Costume

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