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Coolest Homemade Pinata Couple Costume

This year I decided to do something fun at work. We racked our brains trying to come up with a costume that was not only work friendly but also easy to work in. I was bored with Witches and Angels, I wanted color.

So My boss and I decided to use things around the office to figure out a plan, I started with 3 1/2″ Computer Labels and colored them, (ROYGBIV) and decided to start sticking them around a paper towel roll. Well one thing led to another and I suddenly decided, to be a pinata and my boss a pinata hitter (the batter). I used 4 paper towel rolls, taped them together and started adding more labels. It turned out cute.

So then the Homemade Pinata Couple Costume. I needed a head piece, i wanted to look like an actual pinata, not one of the new ones that look plastic. so i took 2 large party hats and glued 1″ strips of colored crepe paper around it until i reached the top. I bought a set of pom-poms from the dollar store and put them in the top to make “hair”. and strapped it to my head with a string.

Next the jacket – needed to be able to move in this costume so i took a zip up collared jacket and decided on a pattern. I again took 1″ crepe paper pieces and glued them around the jacket, I followed the seems first, then filled in the rest, my jacket had a pocket on the front and I did this a separate color and stored candy inside to make it look like i “busted”.

The pants were a basic knit pant that i again glued the crepe paper to. It took a little time but i had fun… My make up was basic eyeshadow – and a little patience. The Costume was a “HIT” at work.

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