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Cool Hombre and Pinata Couple Halloween Costume

I thought long and hard on an easy costume that my boyfriend and I could throw together the week before Halloween. I figured turning a dress into a piñata would be pretty simple with the help of Internet tutorials and YouTube videos. Boy, was I wrong! The first dress, that I spent hours working on (painstakingly gluing strips of paper to the fabric), turned out to be too tight and all the crepe paper busted off the second I pulled it over myself.

So, I thought, I’ll go buy a bigger dress. By this time it’s already Wednesday night…( I’m a bit of a procrastinator). I finished the dress around midnight and hung it up to dry, praying that it would fit the next day. My boyfriend’s costume at this point is already complete. I bought a sombrero and a sweet stache’ from party city, and crafted a piñata whacking stick out of an old wrapping paper roll. My grandma, who is from Guatemala, happened to be a pro at making sarapes, so she whipped it together one afternoon. Okay, so its Halloween day and all of my peers in nursing school are dressing up. Well, I didn’t want to risk destroying my dress before the party, so I wore my man’s costume instead! Everyone thought it was adorable, and I was incredibly warm and toasty all day!

That night, my grandma and I had to practically glue the dress to my body and I had to inch along to prevent tearing the crepe paper. (I recommend using felt and sewing it to the dress). I also made little wristlets and a hair pin with streamers. Once we were all put together, we hit the town. We were nominated for the costume contest at the bar and made it to the semi-finals (We actually acted out the fiesta for the crowd). We lost to a really scary nun… She deserved it though; it was a great get-up. By the end of the night, after tons of dancing, pieces of my costume were everywhere; on the dance floor, in the bathroom, at the bar….everywhere! I doubt they’ll ever have me back! Needless to say, it was a marvelous night!

How to on dress:

  1.     Stretch a dress over a canvas.
  2.     Cut strips of different colored crepe paper with 1” slits in the paper.
  3.     Glue the strips to the dress overlapping each one.
  4.     Let dry.
  5.     Do backside the same way.

Cool Hombre and Pinata Couple Halloween Costume

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