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Super-Sweet Carnival Family Goodies DIY Costumes

We are the Dickerson family and we’re dressed as carnival food and a vendor. My daughter, her first Halloween, is cotton candy. I am popcorn. My husband is a food vendor.

I made the cotton candy by spraying poly-fil with pink silk flower spray and hot gluing it to a pink onesie and pink shoes and a pink hat with a cone shaped out of white poster board.

The popcorn is a dress I ordered and the sign I made from card stock and red marker. The popcorn headband, stole, and ring are spray foam sealant from Home Depot that I sprayed on a tarp then once dried I glued together to wear as the top of the popcorn box.

My husband’s pieces we just bought. My stole was so hard that I couldn’t lift my arms which meant I couldn’t hold my daughter, hahah. My husband was a good sport! She hated the hat but was very patient and I promised her that next year I would pick something with NO HEADPIECE.

Very sweet fun, no pun intended!

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