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Spartacus and Sura Couple Costume

My boyfriend Chad and I are huge Spartacus fans! We were both thinking about how cool those outfits are and what it would be like if we had them. Chad is a bodybuilder and I thought it would look really awesome on him. He is being the main gladiator Spartacus and I am being Spartacus’s wife Sura. I wanted to make it like Sura had lived and joined the rebels, so her costume is a little embellished as if she turned into a fighter.

Chad used mostly foam, the sword is made out of foam, a PVC pip for the handle, a vitamin bottle as the hand-guard, and re-bar inside of it with a dog toy at the end. His manica (the thing on his arm) is made out of foam sun-visors and craft foam, his greaves (shin guards) are made out of foam diamond plate floor tiles and the thing around his waist was a piece of my clothing. Mine was easy, I had a blue dress and a brown vest. I painted the brown vest with the little white dots, dug out a whole bunch of my mom’s hippie jewelry which could look ancient, and put on a wig! The dagger was the most involved thing. I made it out of thin foam cut to shape, then used a cardboard clothing hanger as the handle, upholstery tacks for the detail, and a Christmas ball on the end, then painted it to look metallic and old. She didn’t have a dagger in the series, but other people did.

I didn’t wear it in public yet, the pictures we took of him and I were in our back yard. Chad took pictures at another rime of his armor, but I didn’t take pictures with him. When I posted them in the Spartacus groups on social media they got hundreds of likes! People commented that we looked just like them and that we should have been in the movie! If only…!My costume was kind of an afterthought, but the idea grew on me. Seeing Chad making the costume made me want to do something too, so I dug in my closet and scrounged up all of the necessary parts to create it! Chad’s costume is very accurate, he did all sorts of research to make sure it was right.

Spartacus and Sura Couple Costume

Spartacus and Sura Couple Costume

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