So who doesn’t love Dippin Dots? This Dippin Dots costume was challenging to make but overall I got a lot of positive feedback! People loved it! A lot of people thought I was a gumball machine or Ping-Pong balls! Oh well!  I was really excited to make this costume because it hasn’t really been done before. It was creative and nobody had anything like it – so I received a lot of compliments.  If I were to make it again I would do a lot differently but overall I was pleased with the end result :-).

Dots: I bought about 40 two-inch Styrofoam balls and about 15 three-inch Styrofoam balls. I bought the two-inch balls from eBay and the three-inch balls from Micheals. I chose the “Birthday Cake” flavor so I painted the dots pink, white, green orange, tan, and white.  The balls required at least 3 coats of paint so it was very time consuming. After I painted all of the dots, I sprayed then with a clear spray paint to make them shinier.

Spoon: I traced the shape of a spoon on a piece of wood and sawed it. Next, I sanded it so it would be nice and smooth.  Then I used sticky dots to attach three balls to the end of the spoon.

Skirt: I bought a clear shower curtain and made a circle skirt using my waist measurements.

Logo: On a separate piece of clear shower curtain I traced and painted the logo. This took many coats of paint and it was a very tedious process. After the paint dried I sprayed the logo with clear spray paint. I cut it out and attached it to the skirt with clear sticky dots.

Hairpiece: I glued three balls together and then glued the clump on a bobby pin.

Shoes: I used sticky dots to attach the two balls on each shoe. They fell off almost immediately at the bar but they looked cute in pictures ;-)

Undergarments: I bought a nude corset for about $20 off of eBay and nude boy shorts from Target for about $6.

Attaching the balls to the corset was the most challenging part of the costume. I hot glued four sets of clumps (3 big balls and two little balls on top). I used a thick nude ribbon and tied it around my waist. I then glued the 4 clumps to the ribbon. Next, using the smaller balls I just kept gluing them until it reached the top of the corset. However, they didn’t stay on very well, by the end of the night, a lot of the balls fell off.

For the Dippin Dots costume I would recommend attaching more dots in general, more on the top and maybe a few on the skirt too. A lot of people though it was too revealing oops! Also I would suggest printing the logo on clear projector paper instead of hand painting it because mine ended up rubbing off. When attaching the dots you should use a more secure method because the hot glue didn’t hold up very well.