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Coolest Homemade Dippin’ Dots Halloween Costume14

I was looking on the “Coolest Homemade Costumes” site for ideas and came across a child dressed up as Dunkin Donut’s Munchkins! The costume reminded me of one of my favorite foods, Dippin’ Dots!! This led to the making of my Homemade Dippin’ Dots Halloween Costume!

First I bought a party tub (from a party store, but lots of places have them, mainly during holidays), and cut the bottom out of it. A knife worked best for me. I also bought Styrofoam balls, about 30-36, approximately 3 inches in diameter. I then spray painted the plastic tub and the Styrofoam balls. I painted mine pink, yellow, and brown to be Banana Split Dippin’ Dots. Caution: some of the spray paint ate away at the Styrofoam balls, so it is probably better to hand paint.

I printed the Dippin’ Dots logo at Kinko’s, cut it out and used packing tape to attach it to the party tub. I liked the shiny look that the packing tape gave, so I taped around the entire tub. I used about 3-4 yards of netting-like tulle and wrapped it around myself, with the tub already around my waist. I wrapped it up to about my belly button. I then began placing the Styrofoam balls where I wanted them. I attached them the the tulle with 1 ball-point sewing pin per ball, but I would recommend using at least 2 per ball, because I kept losing my Dippin’ Dots!!

Lastly I cut some small rope-like string (but any ribbon would work) to make suspenders to help hold up the party tub. I simply criss-crossed the string through the party tub handles. I found a flat wall hanging that looked like a spoon (I think it was really supposed to be a hand mirror made of wood) at Hobby Lobby, so I just stuck that into the side.

Voila, a Dippin’ Dots costume! I also sewed 3 pom pom balls (pink, yellow, and brown just like the Dippin’ Dots) to a head band to add a touch to my hair.

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