Coolest Homemade Toddler Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream Halloween Costume

Meet Athena L., she is a 17 month old and is the most outgoing toddler you will ever meet. She has a very “Eclectic” sense of style. And believe me she knows what’s “pretty” and what’s not. I knew that going to a drugstore for a Halloween costume would just feel wrong.

Our whole family loves Dippin’ dots, and Athena is no exclusion. She sees the Dippin Dot cart and Yells out “Um! Um! Uuuum!” ice cream is her favorite treat.

Her Mimi and I went on a long mission to find the perfect materials for this homemade toddler Dippin’ Dots ice cream Halloween costume. It took us about a week overall, but it was worth so it. Athena was the hit of the party. Everyone was taking pictures and asking us how we did it. She is an adorable little girl, but in the costume, she was so irresistibly cute. Honestly, who doesn’t love Dippin’ Dots ice cream?

Homemade Toddler Dippin' Dots Ice Cream Halloween Costume