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Adorably Delicious DIY Pink Shopkins Cupcake Costume

Materials Used

Here’s what I used to make my pink Shopkins Cupcake costume: Toy storage tub, white pantyhose, polyester stuffing, Poster Board, 1 1/2 yard of fabric, bubblegum pink fabric spray, pompoms, Gorilla hot glue, suspenders, White sweatshirt, Headband, Styrofoam half, red marker, green pipe cleaner, duct tape, spray on glue.

Shopkins Cupcake Costume Tutorial

  1.  I cut out the bottom of the toy tub. Then, I lined the edges from where I cut bottom of with duct tape. So when putting it on you wont get cut.
  2.  I accordion styled the poster board. Then used spray on glue for the fabric on the board board following the creases. When finished I hot glued the poster board to the toy tub making it look like a wrapper.
  3. I cut off the top part of the pantyhose just keeping the legs. Each leg I stuffed with stuffing but didn’t make it stiff so the tube would be bendable. At the end of each leg I tied it shut. Once I got through 2 pairs of pantyhose I tied them all together and each end I hot glued the ends together making 1 long snake.
  4. I took the snake and hot glued it to the frame of the tub then spiraled it up making it look like frosting.
  5. After I got the frosting on I took the bubblegum pink fabric spray and sprayed it looking like it was airbrushed on.
  6. I took the white sweatshirt and sprayed that with the bubblegum pink fabric spray to match the frosting.
  7. I took pompoms and hot glued them in random spots to look like sprinkles.
  8. Finally, I colored the Styrofoam red with marker and hot glued it to the pink head band to look like half a cherry on top. I topped costume off with pink wig and pink see through glasses with eyelashes.

shopkins cupcake costume

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