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Sexy Cat Costume

Being a transgender girl, I don’t get out much and always wanted to be something sexy for halloween.  I debated on just dressing up as a girl, but always wanted to do more.  I began searching online and decided on being a sexy cat.  My other choice was being a playboy bunny!!!

I bought a leopard print leotard at a local store near me.
I did get some really sexy shoes from a clothing store up north which I wear quite often.
The ears and tail I got from PartyCity.  Nice selection they had.
As for the pantyhose, they are Leggs sheer energy off black.  I did get a pair of leopard print hose, but I liked the sheer pantyhose better.  I thought they looked sexier!!!

I had never been out dressed in anything risque before and almost didn’t to it.  The first store I went into was Walmart, yes Walmart.  Maybe I’ll find a photo of me there, ha, ha, ha.

Throughout the day I went to several stores and many people were very accepting.  The guy at Goodwill took several photos and wanted to submit them to a contest.  I ended up at a local mall where I got great responses.  Tons of people wanted my photo and wanted photos with me.  One girl was shocked to find out I was actually a guy.

Everyone said I looked great.  A makeup artist at Macy’s painted my face up like a cat.  Thank you so much.

The experience was a great one.  I would do it again in a heartbeat.  I love being this way and its great that girls like me can finally get out and be our true selves.

Sexy Cat Costume

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