My husband didn’t really want to dress up this year, but Halloween is my favorite holiday, so after a lot of rejected ideas we found something we were both happy about! I went as a leopard (but definitely not the store-bought “sexy cat” kind!) and he was a safari tourist. He followed me around all night with binoculars and our classic old Minolta camera snapping pictures, it was a ton of fun!

His was super easy to make- khaki button up shirt and pants, his tilley hat, binoculars, camera, field notebook in his pocket.

My leopard took a lot more time to craft from scratch:

The mask- I picked up a cat-face mask at the Dollar store. It was painted green and black and glittery, so that had to change. I scrubbed off the glitter and hand painted it with my good artist’s acrylic paints, using a photo of a leopard face for reference and accuracy. It turned out amazing, I got a ton of compliments and one lady actually asked if she could buy it!

The outfit- bought some nice fuzzy leopard print fabric to whip up the body and leggings, the perfect fluffy matching gloves were a thrift store find I still keep in my car for cold steering wheels on winter mornings.

The tail- this took the longest, I spent even more time on it than hand painting my mask. Using the same fabric as the leggings, I cut out an extra thick and long tail and sewed it up inside out. Then turned it around and stuffed with foam and a piece of wire so I could bend it into a nice curved shape.

Once the main pieces came together all that was left was face paint to fill in the rest of my face and arms with spots.