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Leopard and Safari Guide Couples Costume

For our Leopard and Safari Guide couples costume I found everything at my local Goodwill and it only took my a few hours to make!

For the safari guide costume I found a straw hat and a khaki vest. We wrote ‘safari guide’ on the vest, added a few scratches I’m my boyfriends face with fake blood and liquid latex and we were done! As long as you have khakis to complete the outfit thats it.

The leopard costume took a little bit longer, but was pretty fun the make. I found a Huge leopard onesie and already had a hot glue gun at home, so I decided to cut out some leg and arm warmers from the fabric. Along with those I made a top to go with it and for the bottoms I just bought 3 different tulle colors from the craft store and made a tutu! So easy and simple!

Cat ears are optional, but for those I just grabbed a black head band, cut up 2 cardboard pieces in triangles and hot glued the leopard fabric around the ears. I attached them to the headband and you’re done!

Where we live, Halloweens are normally cold and wet, so I just stuck some black leggings on along with some Uggs and was good to go!

We had lots of fun with our Leopard and Safari Guide couples costume.

Leopard and Safari Guide Couples Costume

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