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Sexy Leopard and Leopard Tamer Couple Costume

For the leopard, I wore a leopard body suit.  I wore black high-waisted shorts over top and black ripped stockings underneath.  To complete the look I threw on leopard heels and a leopard cat mask.

For the leopard tamer, he wore black dress pants and a white button-up.  To complete his look, he wore a black bow tie and carried a black whip.  The whip was slightly tricky to make… I used half of a toothbrush travel carrier and wrapped it in black duct tape.  I then braided thick black fabric together, hot glued both ends (so it would not unravel) and hot-glued the braid inside the half of the toothbrush travel carrier.  To secure it, I wraped the entire whip, from end to end, several times with black duct tape.

These costumes were a big hit and everyone loved the ripped stockings.

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