This is my one year old daughter in her Queen of Hearts costume. After getting some ideas online I knew this had to be her costume, it totally fits her personality.

The whole costume cost just under $30 and I still had tons of stuff left over. I used an 8 inch crochet top that only cost a couple dollars. I bought one roll of white tulle, one roll of black tulle, one roll of gold glitter tulle and 6 rolls of red tulle all 6 inches by one yard at about $1.69 each and didn’t even use half of it.

I started off by cutting the red, white and gold glitter tulle in 12 inch pieces and the black tulle in 10 inch pieces and looping them through the crochet top in three layers. I cut the hearts out of glitter foam sticker sheets and hot glued them onto the tulle with felt pieces on the back side. I added checkered ribbon and a small piece of checkered fabric with hot glue. I made the neck piece by tying small pieces of white tulle to an elastic band and lining the underside with white felt so it wouldn’t be itchy.

I made the crown out of the same foam sticker sheets I used on the hearts and lined it with red felt. I attached the seam with superglue and added the crown to a plain headband with hot glue. Added a little blue eyeshadow and some washable red hair spray and bam I had my little Queen of Hearts.

This is my first time making a costume so I was a little nervous people wouldn’t get it but everyone absolutely loved her. Almost everyone stopped to see her costume and they all immediately knew what she was supposed to be. I was a little worried that all the tulle would bother her but she loved the costume and she totally played the part!