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40+ Impressive DIY Queen of Hearts and Red Queen Costumes

Incredible costume inspiration jumps out at you from the Alice in Wonderland movies. And who wouldn’t want the chance to wear Queen of Hearts and Red Queen costumes?! Rather than copy the exact movie costumes, this collection is full of really cool individuals who put their own personal spin on these costume ideas.

For instance, a few women made their bodices from actual cards. All hearts, naturally. You can read their step by step instructions. Not only to find helpful tips  but also to avoid their missteps!

In addition, many queens here are based on Tim Burton’s fanciful version of the classic movie. These homemade costumes will blow you away due to their amazingly vibrant colors and details.

As many beautiful and distinctive Queen of Hearts and Red Queen costumes are featured here, that’s how many more we know you can create. Get inspired and let your imagination run away. Don’t forget to share your fantastic design with us here!

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