Cool Homemade Red Queen Costume

Every year I make my daughters Halloween costumes because I think it is a great “mommy and me” and “sister and sister” bonding. We pretty much just wing it. I give her a few choices about what I think we can make and then we just start brainstorming and working out the details.

I made this Red Queen costume head to toe (minus the socks and shoes). I finished most of it by creating my own patterns. My daughter, Kherington, helped with all the “extra’s” for it. This is her real hair, teased and color sprayed.

She looks awesome and almost identical to the Alice in Wonderland Helena Bonham Carter’s Red Queen!!! We absolutely loved this year’s Red Queen costume.

I made a shirt, crown, jewelry, corset, skirt and pillow for her hips (to go under the skirt). Kherington and I painted the pattern on the skirt (the heart pattern for the gold material and the black/gold hearts on the red material). I couldn’t find any fabric we liked, so we just made our own!

For makeup, we used a photo of Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen from the movie Alice in Wonderland and tried to copy the shading and colors. I put her hair up in foam rollers all night and in the morning, flipped her hair over and began to tease and then put up in 2 messy buns. I then used red hair color spray to copy the real Red Queen.

My father-in-law made her heart shaped stick out of wood and then we “blinged” it up with decorations left over from her corset. Her corset is handmade and all the beads are either hot-glued or hand-sewn on. I made it heart shaped on the top for that extra flair.

She looks great in this costume, don’t you think?