Wheelchair Princess of Hearts Costume with Heart Escort

My daughter played this character very well. She is a smiley girl until you try to get her to smile for a pic and she gives the serious look so I really wanted her to give the serious look with this costume and she did and was a BIG hit at our local Boo at the Zoo and other Halloween activities.

To make the throne poles:

I used pre-cut PVC pipes from Home Depot and wrapped them in black plastic table cloth zip tied to each side of her wheelchair poles. I then taped different colored foam hearts to the pipes.

Making the tutu:

Purchased 3 colors of tull – red, black and white (5 yards each). Cut in wide strips and tied onto a long piece of ribbon and alternated the colors. Added a red and white pattern ribbon to make it pop. I actually had a hard time finding heart patterns in the fall so I stayed with the red and white colors. Tied the tutu around the wheelchair.

To make the Heart Card:

  • 2 foam cardboards
  • 8 different colored foam hearts (comes in a pkg of 20 at Michaels)
  • ribbon

Tape the hearts to each corner of the cardboard and make 2 to wear 1 card in front and 1 card behind you. I used the left over ribbon to place in the middle as decoration and placed the hearts on the bottom corners upside down as they are on a real card.  2 holes were punctured on the top on each side for each card and threaded red ribbon to each card to go over the shoulder so it is slipped over your head to wear it.

I purchased a red clown wig and clown make-up for the finishing touches.

Wheelchair Princess of Hearts Costume with Heart Escort

Wheelchair Princess of Hearts Costume with Heart Escort