Pretty Unicorn Costume

To make this unicorn costume, you’ll need:

1. White unitard.

2. Two pairs of white tights – convert one of the pairs into sleeves by cutting off the feet and the center that passes between the legs. This will be where you head comes through (arms where legs usually go).

3. Two white or silver wigs – used safety pins to secure one wig to the body suit for the tail and other as usual.

4. White face paint or body paint – I used eyelash glue to glue rhinestones to face and neck.

5. White felt (to make ears) – fold into triangles, and glue or sew to wig.

6. Paper towel roll, white sparkle glue, rhinestones, silver ribbon, etc. to make horn – Convert the paper towel roll into cone, add sparkles and jewels. I then used white elastic to secure around head.

7. Half meter of white fuzzy fabric – to make legwarmers and wrist-lets. I used a glue gun and white elastic (from any fabric store)

Now start prancing and be the best unicorn you can be!



Pretty Unicorn Costume

Pretty Unicorn Costume

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