I had never really entered a contest before but I needed the money for something very special and specific. So I decided I would enter with a funny costume. We had this unicorn head from a few yrs ago lying around and I thought that would be a good idea, because the funny costumes always win. Next was deciding what to wear with it.

Not having any money to go and buy anything I had to work with what was in my closet. We thought that if I was like a sexy type unicorn that we would get more applause since that is how it is judged. So I took a bunch of ideas to my friends Shannon’s house and we began the process. We decided to go with the outfit I am wearing in the photos. I changed my mind after going thorugh a few shirts to the sparkle top because when I think of unicorn I think of sparkle but I didn’t have really anything bright colored. Next I thought I would add a bright scarf around my waste to add more color and a Tutu with sequins on it, along with white nylons and fuzzy top boots. I also had some pink fuzzy covers to go over them. I had a wig from a few yrs ago with black, purple and green and I thought I could use this for the tail. I decided for the hooves since we didn’t have any to just wear gloves and hold my hands in a fist.  It all seemed to match together. We then decided to paint any skin showing white. We didn’t have skin paint but just regular water based paint. So we painted my arms, chest and neck white and added some glitter. The drying process was a pain but I felt it was worth it. When we added it all together it was so funny. My friend decided to be a fairy and lead me around showing me all the pictures there are of fairy’s leading unicorns. Plus I couldn’t see that well and I wasn’t wanting anyone to know who I was.  Her becoming a fairy with wings was quite a process in itself. She remembered seeing these wings in the dollar tree that was 45 miles away. She wanted to go get them anyway. So we drove down there. But when we got there the place was christmas town with no wings. So she said she could make them and got a piece of poster board. I told her to get the thicker kind but she insisted that the one she picked would work. So when we got back to her house she began making her wings. She realized that the poster board wasn’t thick enough just as I had said and ended up using a thicker poster board she had behind her entertainment center to keep the cat out. So basically we drove down there for nothing. However she painted the wings and made them look great then wore all black to match me and added ribbons to her hair.  When we entered the bar you could hear everyone’s comments, they thought it was helarious. One person who was my friend but didn’t know who I was in the mask said she loved the idea and how it matched. I had to sit in that unicorn head for 2 hours it was hot and I couldn’t see much but people were coming to take photos with me not knowing who I was.  I thought it would be funny people not knowing who I was and in a way it was because everyone was trying to figure it out. I now know that it would’ve been better to show off who I was without the mask or say who I was and get people to vote for me because the contest actually ended up being a popularity contest. Even the winner told me this who is a friend of mine and was the blonde girl from “A league of their own”. Which is really a shame that it is like that it should be based on the best costume that people like. They all seemed to like it when I was walking around. Even had one guy come and kiss my snout. But oh well next time I know if I ever decide to do it again. But The reaction I have gotten from all of my friends with the pictures, with them all saying I should’ve won. Everyone thinks it is so funny and I did too. I made it look as cute and cool as I could with what I had at home. It was definately a memorable night. Although I didn’t win the reactions were priceless.