Let’s face it, unicorns are amazing. There is no other animal or mythical creature that has the mystique and appeal of a unicorn. So once I got creative and came up with my idea, I went full throttle.

I knew my unicorn would be pink and glittery but I didn’t know of how to build it. After consider weight and cost, I decided pool noodles would make the best legs. First, I attached the noodles to two pieces of cardboard that I cut in the shape of kind of a half circle You will better understand this once you see the pictures. Then I covered the legs with my pink glitter fabric. I simply pushed pins into the legs. This part required no sewing. Next I covered the “hips” if you will, with the same fabric. I had small nails that I pushed into the cardboard for this. Next I cut a hole and looped a pink ribbon through the hips so that I could tie the legs around my waist.

For the horn, I bought a cardboard cone, spray painted it gold, and looped it through an old headband. For the halter top, I watched a YouTube video on how to make a simple halter top and voila! I bought my hot pink leggings from American Apparel. And that my friends, is how you become a magical unicorn!

I never entered any costume contests and I’m still secretly upset about not doing so, so here is my chance! I welcome you all to take this idea and recreate it!