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Coolest Homemade Unicorn Costume

This Homemade Unicorn Costume is a combination of stuff I had on hand, and some items purchased at local Hobby Lobby. I guess you could say the inspiration is My Little Pony Meets Unicorn Fairy. I wore this last Halloween to a costume contest and received first runner up. I had a blast and got some pretty hilarious looks. It’s definitely a conversation piece! Altogether, I probably spent $35 on materials, it could be more or less depending on what you already have.

Materials needed:
One cardboard paper towel roll
One sheet of Stiff Felt & a pack adhesive foam sheets
Glitter Ribbon & Sequin Trim
One long feather boa
Two headbands
2 Rubber bands
LOTS of curling ribbon
Hot glue gun & glue
Spray glitter
Glue on gems

Previously purchased items:
White painter jumpsuit
Pair of fairy wings
Pink wig
Pink curled eyelashes
Fairy dust

Okay my directions may seem a little elementary, sorry…

To form the headpiece, start with paper towel roll and begin gluing the felt around the cardboard. Cover it completely, then on one end roll the felt tightly until a cone forms, this is the tip of horn. Then cut a square piece of felt about 3.5 inches, and then glue it to the opposite open end of the horn. This will act as a base for the horn. Then decorate as desired.

Then take two headbands and wrap them together on each end with rubber bands. There should be an open space in the middle between headbands. Take the unicorn horn and glue the base, attach it to the center of the headbands. Glue it tilted to the front, so that it does not stand straight up on your head. You may have to tape around the base or continue gluing until it feels sturdy. Then using hot glue gun begin attaching curling ribbon all over the headbands and around the horn base (it is a little more expensive, but faster to use the pre-attached curling ribbon with the has adhesive backing). Continue until you have desired amount. This completes the headpiece!

For the actual costume, I used an old painters jumpsuit I had purchased a few Halloweens back. I took a white feather boa purchased at hobby lobby and cut it into 8-inch strips. I then hot glued them all across the chest of the jumpsuit, until the bust was covered. On the back I used a blue hairpiece from the Dollar Tree, added some feathers and ribbon in it, and the glued it on to make a tail. I wore an old pair of fairy, that I added some additional glitter too. I wore hot pink high tops and carried a glow in the dark wand & bracelets from Dollar Tree.

When dressing I applied lots of fairy dust (purchased at Halloween shop) to my make up for a shiny, sparkly look. I also wore heavy blue and pink eye shadow & a bright pink lip. I used the tiny gems that have adhesive backing (mostly used for scrap booking) along my eyes, and wore a pair of fake eyelashes.

Once I was completely dressed, I had my husband hose me down with spray glitter, so I was Super Sparkly!

This costume was extremely easy to make, although the glitter can get a little messy.

Homemade Unicorn Costume

Homemade Unicorn Costume

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