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Impressive Mom and Daughter Homemade Costume – Fairy Magical Unicorns

Let me start by saying, this was all my daughter’s idea. She is very into unicorns and she wanted us to be “twinsies” this year. My Daughter Bella and I are the ones wearing the costumes.

It took over 56 working hours, items done from scratch. Purchased items were just the shoes (plain white), wigs, horn (clear) – I added the stones one by one, and the lights. To make it happen we got regular school clear glue, glitter, fabric glue, more glitter and gemstones. Tutus are composed of 60 yards of tulle, 2” elastic band, and a light string. The iridescent shells noted on the costume (body suit and tutu) were individually removed from a fabric bought at Joan’s ($26 a yard). The body suit has lots of gems, shells and fabric glue. Overall expenses totaled around $265 per costume. It was a total success!

We went on Halloween to an open space area at Doral Place, in Miami FL. We had lines of children, adults and seniors waiting to take pictures with us! We took over 100 pictures. My daughter at one point didn’t understand what was going on, and pulls my tutu, and says to me: “Momma, are we famous or something?”. It was an amazing experience, and we did feel like a star wearing the costumes. I won best original costume at my job and so did my daughter at her schoo, us walking together after for trick or treat, was just magical!

Time and dedication makes my girl smile, and I live for that! Hope you like it!

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