I wanted to have a costume that was homemade and amazing but also functional.  So when I decided to become a unicorn, I wanted to make sure I could detach the legs.  I used pool noodles for the legs, wrapped them in fabric and pinned it (no sewing) attached the legs to a card board cut out held together by wood sticks (see pics) and wrapped the cut out in fabric as well.

The tail is a pink feather boa, and the horn is a cardboard cone spray painted gold with holes cut through it so you can stick a head band through it so it stays on your head.  I made my halter top from a simple YouTube video in the same fabric as the body.  My pink leggins are from American Apparel.  I placed  a ribbon through the card board cut out so that I could tie it around my waist.  Last, I added a few pieces of flair (gold star, white streamers around feet) and BAM I was a magical unicorn!!  Most of these elements came from Michae’ls.