Halloween is my most favorite holiday of the year and along with that I enjoy making costumes for everyone. I decided to go with the Jack and Coke costumes since that was my husband’s drink of choice along with Coca Cola being my favorite beverage as well.

I used pleather to make the basic dress for my costume. I acquired the coca cola graphics from the internet and enlarged them on my home copier. I had to piece it all together to make it big enough for the dress. I then traced it onto vinyl and hand cut it and adhered it to the dress. I made a pull tab headband out of shiny silver cardboard. Of course the outfit would not be complete without a purse so threw one together with vinyl, cardboard and duct tape. White boots were purchased to finish the costume.

The Jack Daniel’s bottle was a little more complicated. I used a heavy fabric for the bottle. PVC piping and elbows were assembled to make the shape of the bottle and then threaded thru a pocket sewn into the top of the costume. I attached suspenders to the PVC piping to be able to have it rest on my husband’s shoulders. He did not want his face showing so I found some matching sheer fabric, gathered it and added some boning to the top to be able to hook it to the hat. The hat was made out of a pop up kid’s hamper, covered in fabric. I then had to figure out how to keep it up high so I took a hard hat and attached a threaded rod to a piece of cardboard which I then inserted into the hat. The graphics came from a scanned bottle and printed on banner material and then sewn onto the fabric of the hat and body.

We attended Nightmare on Chicago Street in Elgin, IL and entered the costume contest. Svengoolie was one of the judges and we took second place.

The best part of these costumes is the reaction to the crowd. Everyone wanted their picture taken.